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Puckett, Mississippi  
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Hello! I would like to welcome you to the Town of
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                         Russ Espiritu, Mayor
Home to 300 good friendly folks "and a few old
sore heads."
The history of Puckett can be traced back to the year of 1837.  It is located about 18 miles south of
Brandon.  One of the first settlers was a man by the name of Calvin Boone, which at that time the name of
the Town was clear Creek.  A man named Merchant is credited with building the first water mill in the area,
and in order to draw trade, he blazed a road along the ridge which forms the dividing line between Camel's
Creek and Purser's Creek, to the place know as Shiloh.  Settlers came in from Alabama, among them
being Joshua Burnham, Hiram Jones, Joe and Billie Stapelton.  A. A Burnham applied for a post office in
1890, asking that it be named Clear Creek of his own name Burnham.  Since there was another Post Office
with fa similar name, the place was named Puckett, for another pioneer family.  One claim to fame enjoyed
by Puckett is that for a number of years a traveling show wintered in the community.  It became so popular
that Puckett was once called the "largest little show place" in the world.  Puckett like every small community
had her church and her public school.  Sometime before the war of the states, the Methodist organized the
first church and in later years the Baptist church was organized.  In 1924 Mayton, County Line, and Puckett
consolidated their schools, building a $30,000.00 school building.  The school was a great asset to the
community, and in 1934 a $10,000.00 gym was added.  The Bill Stapelton Home was the oldest house in
the southeastern part of the county and was the home of P.P. Polk.  This house was built by Bill Stapelton
in 1834, who sold it to Hayes Holifield in 1860.  A man by the name of Bob Gates is said to have owned the
first automobile which was purchased from a catalog, and then Mr. Gates rode a buggy into D'Lo, caught a
train to Jackson and drove the car back, it took him 3 1/2 hours.  In the 1950's a sign was erected to
welcome people to Puckett.  The sign says: Welcome to Puckett, 300 good friendly folks and a few old sore
heads. New jobs and opportunities came to Puckett in 1989 with the located of Hydro Aluminum, which is
now called R-Squared of Puckett.  The Town has its own water system, library, post office, volunteer fire
department, Police department, Dollar General, and many other businesses.